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Mick Mckenna

Scotsman, Mick McKenna, guarantees good clean fun and Laughter for all, without fear of offense. Ideal for business or training meetings, or after work socials. Comedy and motivational speaking with a humorist twist.

He has performed for so many different types of audiences. From a multicultural, third shift, workforce at a "Kraft" food plant, to an international audience of senior staff at a high tech company, "Universal Laboratories." County School Head quarters for staff training, Public Libraries, Churches, Clubs, US Military Airbase, high end Golf Clubs like Pinehurst to name a few more.

Mick's is seasoned and well traveled and shares his perspective of life in America as a Scottish immigrant. He's been married almost 40 years, and having survived teenagers, and aging parents, he has lots to laugh about!

McKenna is steeped in comedy. In Scotland he was a regular commissioned writer for BBC Scotland, Radio and Television. He wrote for Craig Ferguson's BBC TV series. Mick was also a comedic newspaper columnist.

When Mick moved to the USA in 2000 he wrote more than a dozen commentaries which he performed on NPR (WUNC).

He also wrote and performed in two sold out Stage shows in Raleigh and Durham, and edited a children's picture book on legendary origins of Golf.

He performs three to four times a week throughout the Southeastern USA. He has also performed in Scotland, Ireland, and Canada.

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