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Jim Darrien
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Jim Darrien was born in Detroit, and after enduring thirty years of Michigan winters he struck out toward the warmer climate of North Carolina. With his degrees in English and film history he found himself eminently qualified to tend bar, work as a paralegal & plan the maintenance for an airline. Combined with his prior experience in radio, as both show-host and music director, and as a contributing writer for an independent weekly, Jim found himself with a unique and almost useless skill set. Hence, comedy.

Jim got his start as a performer in a short-form improv show. From there he graduated into scripted plays. His especially memorable, two-line performance as Gerald Ford is to this day considered to be deeply moving and resonant by the person who saw it. He has written and performed comedy sketches and even made an amusing off-the-cuff remark one time in an Applebee's.

But stand-up comedy is his love. He has performed all over the Southeast in theaters, comedy clubs, colleges, ballrooms and at private events. His comedy influences include his older brother, Yo Yo Ma, Billy Jorgensen and comfortable pants.

Despite all predictions to the contrary, Jim Darrien has become a family man. He has the tremendous good-fortune to live with his long-time girlfriend and her son. You would be hard-pressed to find two finer human beings.