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Eric Megert

Sarcastic.  Witty. Twisted. Cannot keep quite.  These were the words that were written on Eric Megert’s first report card. 

Eric grew up on the mean street of Elkins, WV.  As there was only one street and the ghetto was the alley behind the Tastee freeze.  Eric and his brother was part of a huge extended Italian family.  With this family he learned how to work hard, take a joke, and not take anything too seriously.

Eric went to Elkins High School where he primarily went to class and sat the bench in football.  During this time Eric realized that he was really too city for the country and too country for the city.

Eric then went to college where he majored in Marketing and received an MBA.  Eric has decided to put those qualifications to use becoming a stand- up comic.  With work experience in everything from manual labor to financial services Eric has the uncanny ability of being able to talk and relate to just about anyone.  

Eric takes gets ideas for material from growing up in the country, his family, relationships, and just weird observations that he makes every day.  Always coming up with something sarcastic or witty to say about each and every topic.

Eric has played clubs in several cities throughout North Carolina. He has worked with emmy winning writers and nationally touring comics that have been on Comedy Central, HBO, and Last Comic Standing.  He has been heard on Raleigh area’s G105 Bob and the Showgram as the promo for The Last Smart Ass Standing.