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Drew Robertson

Drew Robertson is a comic living in Raleigh, NC. He is an artist and performer who likes to find the silly and strange in all aspects of life. At home on the stage, Drew has appeared, as a comic and performance artist in traditional comedy rooms, galleries,  and performance spaces all over NC, parts of the country, and one time in London. He is a comfortable host and an energetic solo act.

Drew's goal is to mix artful experimentation with stand up comedy to create an experience that turns the viewer into a participant. Drew runs his own monthly show in Raleigh, and regularly performs throughout the Triangle. He also operates his own portable comedy club Cackle-Acky's™, which takes allows him to take comedy anywhere. His most recent shows have seen Drew as a MultiMedian™ using manipulated sounds and lighting to create a scene that is both bewildering and highly entertaining. Drew is also a proud member of the Cure for The Mondays Comedy collective that puts on open mics and live shows throughout NC.