Who We Are

  ahttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDqNbnWxxtNt5SHPA4QyTCQ   https://twitter.com/CFTMC

Cure For The Mondays® is a comedy collective based out of Raleigh,
NC, responsible for putting on live events (ranging from open mics, to
showcases, to shows) at venues in the Raleigh area. Currently, we are the Drunk SportFan Podcast, and various other private and public events.

Cure For The Mondays® (or CFTMC as it is sometimes referred to)
spun out of the Cure For The Mondays Comedy Night at Tir Na Nog
open mic that started in 2011. The premise was to build a brand
synonymous with high quality, comedic entertainment outside of a
traditional comedy club setting. Raleigh has a lot of really talented
people doing things that just don’t get noticed. Take those productions,
combine them into a mutually supportive network, and build something
that forces people to take notice, and truly enjoy.

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